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Private investigators / detectives in Ohio

Infidelity / Divorce / Child Custody


Courts are usually harsh toward clients who behave dishonestly. Providing proof of deceitful behavior such as infidelity can help people achieve a more positive divorce settlement.

Divorce / Hidden Assets

Hidden assets are not easily identified or located and are frequently placed in the hands of a third party. Often funds are placed in accounts outside the court’s jurisdiction. We have located hidden assets in offshore bank accounts, the hands of family members, within the control of lovers, in corporate shells and in corporations established in states or nations that provide for nominee ownership.

We also have identified previously unknown--and seemingly innocuous--items such as books, coin collections, and hobby equipment, that are worth thousands of dollars.

Child Custody

Our staff of investigators has extensive knowledge of the best-interest factors the court uses to determine child custody, both at the time of divorce, or later, should a change in circumstances occur.

We have developed proprietary methodology that correlates the facts uncovered with the best-interest factors. With direction from counsel, we focus our inquiries around the specific needs of your case and custom-design an investigation to meet your unique requirements.

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