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Private investigators / detectives in Ohio

Lawyer Support Services

Deposition and Interrogatory Support
We develop case-specific questions designed to uncover leads that will result in admissible evidence.

Jury Selection
We develop the information necessary to ask pertinent factual, legal, and scientific questions.

Expert Witnesses
Our extensive databases allow us to locate and provide a court- certified expert on virtually any subject.

Record Recovery
We identify, locate, and provide certified or uncertified copies for admission into evidence.

Service of Process
We provide service on difficult-to-serve witnesses.

Trial Exhibits
We provide professional trial exhibits designed to influence juries.

We have software that shows events chronologically in easy to comprehend formats used to point out inconsistencies.

Forensic Statement Analysis
When polygraph services are not possible, this service points out
indications of deception in statements provided by witnesses.

Forensic Accounting Services
We can show where persons may be hiding significant assets, living beyond their means, abusing fiduciary duties, or misusing corporate/business funds.

Polygraph Services
Our team has extensive experience in designing results-oriented examinations.

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