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Pre-Employment Screening

Employee Problems Stem from Problem Employees

Investigative Services Group performs pre-employment background screening as well as background checks of existing employees.

The type of screening required is often job specific. To help ensure employer protection from liability and loss of professional credibility, we work closely with our clients to determine and obtain the most relevant types of information needed.

  • Driving records
  • Criminal convictions / felonies
  • Credit histories
  • S.S. numbers / citizenship
  • Employment verification
  • Education / certification records
  • Liens / warrants

Such information is a matter of record only for those with a "permissible purpose." Not only do employers have the right to obtain pertinent information, they have a court-mandated duty to conduct background investigations.

Individual Services

County Criminal Record Search
Federal Criminal Record Search
Statewide Criminal Record Search
Education Verification
Employment Verification
Workers Compensation Record Search
Bankruptcy Record Search
Professional License Verification
Terrorist Watch List
Social Security Trace
Homeland Security Search
1-9 Employment Verification
Nationwide Sex offender Search
Credit History
Driving Record (3 years)
Personal Reference Verification


Bronze Package

- SSN# trace
- Address history
- County criminal search
- Credit history
- Sex offender registry
- Driving records
Silver Package
Includes Bronze Package plus:
- Civil judgment (county only)
- Education verification
- Reference verification
- County criminal search
Gold Package
Includes Silver Package Plus:
- Civil judgment (Federal)
- Drug screening
- Bankruptcy records
- Workers compensation filings
- I-9 employment verification

Confidential Release and Waiver

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